Entré presents...

Annual Awards

85k Start-Up Challenge


First Place:

Komodo Monitr - Optimise performance, reduce injuries


$17.5k Cash

$5k PwC Services

$5k AJ Park Services

Second Place:

Equilibrium - Dedicated to improving the welfare and management of horses by taking full advantage of technological advancements

$7.5k Cash

$5k PwC Services

$5k Cavell Leitch Services

$10k Smudge Apps Services


Third Place:

Awear - Revolutionising the postal industry


$5k Cash

$5k Cavell Leitch Services

Best Pitch:

Adulting 101 - Financial literacy for life


$5k Plato Creative Services

$1.2k Xero Subscription

Best Business Plan:

Bean - Turning garbage into gold


$5k In-kind Narrative Campaigns Services

$1k Spark Services

Business Development Award:

Aha Box - Little hand growing little minds


$5k C-Lab Co-Working Space

Business Development Award:

Style Dux - Purpose driven clothing, for purpose driven people


$2.5k Cash

Peoples Choice Award:

Elderfriends - Friendship where it is needed most


$500 Cash



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