Life of a yo-pro

Apr 23, 2020

The term yo-pro is a funny one. You have a professional job with your life somewhat together, but you also still love a good party. I have to say, it’s a pretty good gig. Now, when you mix this with a global pandemic things change up a bit. You have to quickly adapt your usual routinely office life to a working from home environment and maintain your productivity because people rely on you. Whilst still working, but no longer being able to try to relive my student life, I feel like the ‘yo’ has been taken out of yo-pro, and I’m getting trained up for when I finally decide to settle down a bit. 

Who am I you ask? I’m Ash and probably the perfect example of someone who will never settle down. On a slightly more professional note, I am a uni drop out (which I have learnt is not something to be ashamed of!) and I am currently working as a Web Designer for the Ministry of Social Development. I suppose that fits me into the yo-pro box and why I got asked by entré to give an insight into my work life during this time. 

My role is extremely creative and involves designing/improving the look and experience of new and existing government websites. Here is what a day in my life looks like right now: 

  1. Tea 

  2. Daily Stand Up (can get away with sitting down at home!) 

  3. Design work 

  4. More tea 

  5. Meetings 

  6. Design review on developers work 

  7. Even more tea 

  8. Design work 

  9. Take a wild guess here.. yep TEA! 

I am a massive extrovert (97% if we want to get into details), so I work best and gain energy surrounded by other people face to face. This working from home situation has been a pretty big shift for me, but I quickly realised video calling was my new best friend. Communication is a massive part of design work so I have a tonne of virtual meetings each day discussing the juicy stuff, and my team has also created calls where we forget about work and talk crap for a while to keep us a little more sane. It has definitely been hard to stay productive and creative the whole time, but nothing a walk in the fresh air or a killer HIIT workout can’t help with. 

This pandemic is a wild ride and I think your mindset can make you come out the other end one of two ways. You either dwell on the fact you’re stuck inside and can’t live your usual life, or you change your perspective and realise it’s a pretty unique and amazing time for self-growth. I have found I have time to work on my personal design skills, realised my local area has amazing bush walks and been able to re-evaluate and focus on my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I have my days and am not some crazy super woman, but I do think everyone should make the most of any situation and take this pandemic as a time to work on yourself and come out the other side ready to take on the world! 

- Ashleigh McLaughlin