Restarting a startup

Restarting a start-up

Apr 16, 2020

In a time like this it is important to reflect: reflect on where you started from and where you are looking to go.

In this time of uncertainty, working for a start-up is scary. Before the country went into lockdown, I was working on launching My Auto Shop into the Canterbury region. The company was started in Auckland by Andy Bowie, a very talented entrepreneur. Our company is based on trust and convenience. The My Auto Shop service will pick up and drop off your vehicle to one of our partnered vehicle garages to get your WOF or service, saving time during your busy day.

When starting a new company, it is so important that you know what you are doing inside and out. Before launching My Auto Shop, extensive market research and planning meant that when the company launched in Auckland, business was booming. This allowed us to expand around New Zealand. And this is where we are now, on hold. On hold has allowed us to stop and think. After all our success it is time to reflect. Reflect on how we got here, and how we are going to be effective once the lockdown is lifted. 

Throughout New Zealand, businesses are in limbo as to when or if they will ever start back up. Once the lockdown is lifted it is important that as a nation we bounce back with new and innovative ideas to re-energise our economy back to where it should be. This means that start-ups like mine need to continue to develop their purpose and adapt to what will be a totally new landscape. 

New Zealand was built with kiwi ingenuity. We have an uncanny ability to improvise and adapt to solve problems we are facing: this is just one more hurdle we need to jump. 

Callum Rix

Operations Manager at My Auto Shop