Frequently asked questions

The Enterprise Launch Challenge


What is the benefit of participating in a competition like the Enterprise Launch Challenge

The Enterprise Launch Challenge provides entrants with the knowledge, business contacts and financial support to take their innovative ideas to the next level making their business a reality. These three things are incredibly hard to achieve on your own and entré will make them easily accessible through the professional development and mentoring programme. Not only that but you will be given the chance to meet new, like-minded people and create networks which you may never have come across otherwise. It is great fun hanging out with innovative and passionate individuals.

Will my Intellectual Property (IP) be protected?

Your IP is definitely protected! Entré will not take your IP – that is not the point of the competition. Entré exists to provide a forum to express your IP without losing control of it.

Who will see my entry?

The judges, the entré CEO, and the Start-Up Manager on the entré Organising Committee. These people will have legal obligations not to disclose your entries. All parties sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements.

Who owns the IP?

Entré follows the University of Canterbury regulations regarding Intellectual Property. Please visit:

Must I be a student at the University of Canterbury, Ara or Lincoln?

Yes, in order to be eligible for this competition you must be a student at one of these institutions. Teams may contain students from either institutes.

Does the idea have to be an “invention”?

Business success can come from any idea. It may be process improvement or a better way of doing something that people have not thought of. The idea can also be serviced based like a website or communications service. You may also like to pursue a non-for-profit charity concept.

Can I enter as an individual?

Yes, you can enter as an individual or a team. The workload will be a lot
more for individuals, but it is possible. We also recommend no more than
4 people in a team but there is no requirements.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes, you can enter with as many ideas as you have but you will only be able to work on one of those ideas during the challenge.
If you have already participated in the entre start up challenge or $85k challenge you can enter again but with new ideas only.

How long does the challenge run for?

8 weeks excluding the holidays. The challenge for 2022 will run from 23rd July- 5th October.

I don’t really know much about entrepreneurship, or if I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur,  does this matter?

Not really! You need to know that this competition requires commitment, hard work, a willingness to learn, and passion. Apart from that, you can come as you are. We have an awesome executive team as well as supporters who are here to help. Throughout the competition we will provide you with workshops, development sessions, and knowledgeable mentors, and our great Centre for Entrepreneurship staff members here at UC are always keen to answer your questions provide feedback.