Q&A's with past winners

Entré Start-Up Challenge

Komodo Monitr

Where are you from?


What was your field of study?

PhD in Sports Science.

What year of did you graduate?


What do you do for fun?

Sports is my life so that is predominantly my usual routine for any spare time I have. Being English I have a strong passion for football so this is my number one sport.

Describe your university self/experience

UC has really broadened my horizons. I came here thinking I’d get my PhD and become a lecturer. I never dreamed I’d start a business and become a CEO! Coming to UC has been the best decision I've ever made.

Did you always want to start your own business?

I completely stumbled across the entrepreneurship scene at UC so the answer would be no! However, I couldn’t dream of anything else now as I am working in sport with multiple high performance sports organisations, doesn’t get much better.

What made you apply for the 85K challenge?

Having come out of the UCE Summer Start-up programme this was the next challenge we had on the horizon. We recognised the importance of the competition but more importantly the support networks around the competition to help us expand.

How did you find the 85k experience?

The experience in the program enabled us to refine our business strategy from taking an initial idea into a fully functioning company. We now have a clear vision and point of entry to the market. The coming months will be very exciting. Additionally, our expert mentor provided invaluable advice and strategic know-how to lead us to great improvements around our business acumen. The top prize will also be a huge help in our progress over the next few months while working with our initial clients.

Tell us about your 85K business idea

Komodo Monitr is a software product that provides a platform for athlete monitoring at all sporting levels. We are agnostic to sport as our focus is general fitness and wellbeing of athletes as a predictive analysis tool. The platform enables sporting organisations to collect as much data as possible, as often as needed. This allows for an accurate prediction of overall fitness and wellness prior to a game or event.

What category/s did you win?

We won the grand prize of the Entre 85K challenge which for us was $17.5k cash prize alongside $10k worth of in-kind prizes.

What learning did you value the most in 85K?

The mentorship we had helped us to provide the platform to expand the company and develop a strong business plan. We have been able to shape our vision into a reality from the competition.

How did the experience help you in life after 85k?

Winning the competition and taking part helped us prepare to launch the product/company in the real world. It enabled us to bring in additional developers and begin to grow our customer base. Without the competition we would not be where we are today as an exciting new sports science company from Christchurch.

What advice would you give for people looking to apply for 85K challenge?

Make sure that you are passionate about your business as this asset will lead you to success. Ensure you understand the value proposition of your idea as this will be scrutinised beyond belief!