You need to give a shit!

Apr 28, 2020


When I was asked to write about ‘Shit You Should Care About,’ the brief said to finish with the advice I’d give to someone who’s wanting to chase their dream. But, in typical Luce fashion, I think I’ll actually start with it.

You just need to give a shit. 

That’s it. Find something you care about and run with it.

This is how Shit You Should Care About was born.

SYSCA came to be during my final year of uni. I was studying in Wellington, finishing up a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Media Studies and International Relations. I was also writing for a small publication that reported on world events.

I’d just submitted a piece that I was really proud of, when I was told that “it didn’t fit within the frameworks” of the organisation. That’s when I thought - screw the frameworks, this shit matters - and sent a message to two of my best friends (Liv and Rubes, my fab co-founders)  with my new idea: a media platform that existed to post the shit that we - and that you guys - care about.

What started as a website that existed to simply help people give a shit, has grown into something I never believed (but always hoped) it would.

I’ve always loved social media, so after the website, an instagram page was definitely our next port of call. We really wanted to use social media for good, because it can be toxic. In between fake news, influencers trying to sell us stuff and endless narcissism, it can be really hard to find quality- and trustworthy content online. That’s where we come in. Every day we post reputable news stories (and the occasional Harry Styles picture) to save you guys time in your busy schedule. We filter out all the useless content and pick out the good shit. 

You’ll also notice that our faces aren’t involved in the brand whatsoever - except for cartoons of us on the website. That’s because it isn’t about who we are or what we look like. It’s about our brains. Which we think is super refreshing for a social media platform. I guess we are kind of like the anti-influencers? We always try to be as straight up and transparent as possible. And on social media, honesty goes a long way.

We never really sought for SYSCA to become a business (and it still isn't really). It’s been a passion project for almost 3 years, and that’s what pays off. If people can see that you really care about what you’re doing, and you’ve put in the hard yards for free, then that passion should take you places. All the return I needed was seeing you guys fill up our DM’s with pieces you wanted to write, articles or news stories you cared about - or even just popping in to say hi. 

In saying all of that money makes the world go round, and this definitely isn’t a full time job for us yet - so if you’re looking to invest, please do hit us up! Hahaha. 

Today SYSCA has a website brimming with people’s voices, over 215,000 people giving a shit on Instagram, about 20,000 on Facebook, and a podcast (my dream!) called The Shit Show. 

And for someone who usually struggles to shut up, for now all I have left to say is:

You just need to give a shit.

- Lucy Blakiston

You can find our articles here, our instagram here, and our podcast here!