About Entré

Entre champion the cornerstones of the entrepreneurial spirit, passion, problem-solving, innovation and creativity in the student community.
We run a series of fun, interactive and informative events and competitions for like-minded students to collaborate and grow the entré community.
To foster a thriving community of past and present entré members who passionately embody the entrepreneurial spirit.

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All about innovation

We aim to encourage students to be innovative and find their inner entrepreneur.

That's why since 2004 we have been on a mission to support students from UC, ARA and Lincoln University in having innovative ideas and following through as far as they desire.

Key events we hold each year

Image by Nicole Wilcox

Napkin Challenge

Image by Carles Rabada

Build a Burger

Image by Brooke Cagle

Entré Start-Up Challenge

Tell us your business idea on the back of a napkin (or not) and be in to win!

Put your innovation to good use and design the best burger you can dream up!

Have an innovative idea and want to develop it into a business? Great, we have the challenge for you.

We nurture and fuel ideas

Some ideas change the world. Others make it better. But even the brightest of ideas starts with a single spark.

Every business starts with an idea and in-turn, every idea needs nourishment to grow into a thriving business. 

While students are early on their idea journey, we have created an environment where ideas can turn into reality.

Our annual 'Start-Up Challenge' provides students with an opportunity to experience developing a business plan, with exposure to leading local and national business minds.


Create a passion for business

Our aim is to have a range of events, competitions and challenges to give participants the knowledge, tools and networks needed to help with their current and future business ideas.
Our events create a social, supporting, and fun environment to foster innovation and create a community of young founders.

Businesses from have gone on from Entre to enjoy great success

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