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The Entré Start-Up Challenge

Semester 2

The entré Start-up Challenge is a business development programme that runs over the second semester of the university year. Whether you have a developed business or just an idea, this is for you.

Napkin Challenge

Term 1

Shoelaces that tie themselves? Flying motorbikes? A toothbrush that brushes your whole mouth at once? Whatever your idea is, entré want to hear it!

The Napkin Challenge was inspired by the idea that any idea no matter how small or wherever it was conceived, in class, on the toilet, standing outside a food truck, could be a valid entrepreneurial project!

Build a Burger

Term 4

We agree, being an entrepreneur seems hard! So we have brought you the ultimate competition to prove you wrong! You could be the next big thing just by making your flat dinner... Yes, we're serious - it's as easy as building a burger. Win your rights to a spot on the Bacon Brother's menu and sign up to entré's Build-a-Burger Challenge!

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