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We agree, being an entrepreneur seems hard! So we have brought you the ultimate competition to prove you wrong! You could be the next big thing just by making your flat dinner... Yes, we're serious - it's as easy as building a burger. Win your rights to a spot on the Bacon Brother's menu and sign up to entré's new BUILD A BURGER CHALLENGE!

What Is Involved?

The challenge is designed to be low maintenance and FUN! It's simple:


Submit your burger idea's on the sign-up sheet here between 12th - 21st of March (you can enter as many times as you like).


The Best Five entries will advance to the GREAT COOK-OFF on the 26th of March.


The winners of the GREAT COOK-OFF will get their burger on the bacon brothers menu and win an outing for themselves and 10 mates!

The Bacon Brothers team have been able to prove that entrepreneurship is not defined by new creations, but about making good things in the world even better. The Bacon Brothers philosophy is to create an experience that leaves people wanting more. Burgers as big as your head and selling cauliflower as a side dish is among few ways they constantly push the boundaries of what we consider 'Fast Food'.


Bacon Brothers are a constant reminder that entrepreneurship is more than an idea - it's simply about one passionate person deciding to create a change.  


2018 Winners


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