Entre Social

Join us for a night of bubbles and music - an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded students at UC, Ara, and Lincoln.

Our first theme is THE ROARING 1920s. 

The era of inventions, ranging from the automobile, the airplane, and the automatic traffic signal in 1923, to the evolutionary instant camera, refrigerator and how can we forget the students best friend, the vacuum cleaner we never use but feel like adults for having.

Dress to impress your fans, but most importantly, come to have fun! Oh, and there will be prizes, and best dressed deserves just that little extra effort.

Date: Friday 13th May 2022
When and where: 7 pm @ Bentleys
Cost: Mates rate if you’re a member $5, or $10 if not a member yet.
Attire: Masked and mysterious