Meet the Team

Our executive team have volunteered to each play key roles in the making Entré a reality. Each team member is also given an opportunity to experience being part of a structured executive team.


Entre is a club that runs a series of fun, interactive and informative events and competitions for like-minded students to collaborate and grow the entré community. We champion the cornerstones of entrepreneurial's spirit (passion, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity) in the student community. And the reason behind all of this, our 'why', is to spark a passion for turning business ideas into reality.

Entré will encourage you to find your passion, for it is the passion that drives entrepreneurs' innovation and creativity. 

This year's theme is 'sustainability,' encapsulating its three pillars - environmental, social, and economic.  In the world we live in sustainability is driving innovation, and that importance cannot be understated. With the opportunity to learn to think like entrepreneurs, I hope that we can encourage you to be innovative and creative in your solutions to make a positive impact. 

Entré is a safe space to develop their skills that are transferable far beyond the realm of entrepreneurship. Become a part of entré and become a part of a community that will support and encourage learning to think like an entrepreneur. 

Samantha Walsh, CEO


The 2021 executive team


Samantha Walsh

Chief Executive Officer


Izabelle Ingram

Chief Operating Officer


Ben Harris

Chief Financial Officer


Tash Ryan

HR Manager


Grace Kortegast

Start-up Challenge Manager


Maddy Craig

Marketing Manager


Zoe Gilpin

Events Manager


Callum Kilgour-Aitken

Competitions Manager


Oscar Crichton

Competitions Associate


Luknam Worathongchai

Marketing Associate


Mary Millet

Events Associate


Sophie Alexander

Content Creator


Bonnie Simmonds

Start-Up Challenge Associate


Natalie Groundwater

ARA Manager


Interested in joining the executive?

Being a team member of the entré executive is a unique opportunity to expose yourself to industry professionals, grow your practical working skills and a once in a lifetime opportunity to help our generation to innovate the world.

Entré’s point of difference is that our business structure gives our executive the opportunity to develop on a more professional level, we even have an Advisory Board that are heavily passionate about helping the executive develop their skills.