Meet the Team

Our executive team have volunteered to guide Entré and champion the entrepreneurial spirit in the student community. Our team members are made up of like-minded students with expertise in a wide range of skills. Meet our CEO and team! Yearly there are opportunities to join the executive team. Sign up to stay in the loop with recruitment opportunities.

Meet our CEO - Angus

Tēnā koe e hoa
Ko Aparima te awa 
Ko Takitimu mea Hananui te mauka 
Ko Takitimu te waka 
Ko Tahu Pōtiki te takata 
Ko Murihiku te rohe 
Ko Takutai o te Titi te marae 
Ko Rakiura mea Te Waipounamu te whenua 
Ko Waitaha Kati Mamoe Ngāi Tahu ngā iwi 
Ko Angus toku ingoa

Hey all, I'm Angus, an extremely energised enthusiastic creative. With a lot to thank Entre for which is why I applied for the position of CEO. I discovered Entre back in 2019 through entering a sustainability competition, and that’s where my love affair with entrepreneurship began. I became a regular at Entres events, the short deadlines, creative freedom, collaboration with peers, and learning about new industries.
Thanks to Entre I had the foundational skills to begin working on a tourism startup(Post Covid – Crazy I know) with four others. The company was founded during the annual $85,000 Entre Challenge and went on to compete in two 14-week business accelerators in Wellington and Hamilton, while continuing my studies in Civil Engineering focusing on Structural and Sustainable. As of March, the company received pre-seed funding to put our development team full-time for 30 weeks. My university experience is an example of what Entre can do for any student, business or not. Entre has accelerated my professional life, better equipping me as either an entrepreneur for Roamio, or an intrapreneur for Kirk Roberts Consulting. Only time will tell whether we beat the start-up success odds or become the youngest director on Kirk Roberts board.


The 2022 executive team

Angus Gieseg

Chief Executive Officer


Ciaran O'Dwyer

Chief Operating Officer


Hamish Procter

Chief Financial Officer


Alli Kennedy

Start-up Challenge Manager


Logan Schokking

Marketing Manager


Manakore Rickus

Events Manager


Connor Miller

Competitions Manager


Robin Leverington

Events Associate


Ella Waterreus

Content Creator


Jamie Martin

Start-Up Challenge Associate


Ashlee Parker 

Start-Up Challenge Associate


Interested in joining the executive?

Being a team member of the entré executive is a unique opportunity to expose yourself to industry professionals, grow your practical working skills and a once in a lifetime opportunity to help our generation to innovate the world.

Entré’s point of difference is that our business structure gives our executive the opportunity to develop on a more professional level, we even have an Advisory Board that are heavily passionate about helping the executive develop their skills.