Meet the Team

Our executive team have volunteered to each play key roles in the making Entré a reality. Each team member is also given an opportunity to experience being part of a structured executive team.


Entré is a place for people to explore their innovative side. To come up with ideas, pursue entrepreneurial ventures and see where it can take you. To see what you can learn about running a business and see how far you can push yourself.

This year at entre we are taking care of our roots. So, while keeping our events and competitions open to all tertiary students in the Canterbury region, we’ve got a particular focus on the University of Canterbury. This year is also a year of renewal. The time has come for entre to revisit our flagship competitions and events and change with the tides, while listening to you, our student members. We are fine tuning our flagship competition, now known as the entré Start-Up Challenge; introducing more innovative competitions; and growing the entré community, to keep you involved in the conversation.

Being a part of entre will teach you to listen to your intuition, follow your purpose, engage with a wide range of people and help you discover what entrepreneurship means to you. Become a part of the entré family and meet like-minded individuals who grow alongside you as you pursue business.

Ally Callinicos, CEO


The 2020 executive team

Ally Callinicos


Jules Haus


Jacob Young


Derica Huang

HR Manager

Emma Pickup

Start-up Challenge Manager

Libby Hughes

Marketing Manager

Ana Pye

Events Manager

Callum Rix

Competitions Manager

Nithi Pranchanket

Start-up Challenge and Competitions Associate

Fin Martin

Marketing Associate

Samantha Walsh

Events Associate

Izzy Ingram

Content Creator


Interested in joining the executive?

Being a team member of the entré executive is a unique opportunity to expose yourself to industry professionals, grow your practical working skills and a once in a lifetime opportunity to help our generation to innovate the world.

Entré’s point of difference is that our business structure gives our executive the opportunity to develop on a more professional level, we even have an Advisory Board that are heavily passionate about helping the executive develop their skills.

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