Napkin Challenge

Shoelaces that tie themselves? Flying motorbikes? A toothbrush that brushes your whole mouth at once? Whatever your idea is, entré want to hear it!!


What's it about?

The Napkin Challenge was inspired by the idea that any idea no matter how small or wherever it was conceived, in class, on the toilet, standing outside a food truck, could be a valid entrepreneurial project!

The rules are simple,  all you have to do is tell us your idea and be in to win!!

Napkin Challenge 2022

Sustainablility Themed

Most Sustainable Idea

Ann Ngo

A small device that cleans and sterilised clothes using UV light


Rohan Mathias

A small canister that efficiently breaks down compost

Runner Up

Bogdan Teplovs

An app resembling Pokemon Go but used to spot rare wildlife